Want to commission a model?

I love working with customers on commissions for all kinds of projects – miniatures for board games, collectors’ figurines, cosplay and others.
I’m always open to new challenges, different designs and ideas. Nothing is more important to me than creating something my clients will love.

Prices for commissions vary depending on the time it would take to make them, the level of detail and the complexity of the model. I also offer 2 types of commissioned models:

Exclusive (for personal projects). This means that the model is for you and only you. I will not make it available for sale anywhere. Prices for Exclusives might be a bit higher but you’re guaranteed that this custom-made model would be one-of-a-kind. For custom minis and figurines price starts at 100$. For cosplay items – varies a lot.

Non-exclusive. You like the design we did and think that more people should have it! You want me to sell it on my store. You are awesome! You deserve a discount. Those can vary, depending on the model, from 15 to 50% of the price of the model.

And most importantly – before contacting me please make sure you have a clear concept of what you want. Provide pictures, concept art, photos or anything else that would make it clear what we would be making. The process would be faster and the quality would be higher the better the concept we have is.

If you’re not yet sure whether you’d like to work with me, check out the social links below and the Previous Works page for more of what I do!

E-mail: nickeydimchev3d@gmail.com