This pack includes a variety of terrain for creating rocky or icy environments for wargaming and adventures. When you purchase this pack you get both modular and non-modular terrain pieces. Check out the gallery below for images of all the terrain pieces. For only 30$ you get an incredible 12 STL files of well-detailed rocks, cliffs/icebergs, a crater and a tunnel.

Summary of Files:

1x Modular Cliff + a non-modular versionĀ (3 Parts)

1x Modular Tunnel + non-modular versionĀ (3 Parts)

1x Non-Modular “Corner” Cliff

1x Crater.

2x Rock/Ice Formations with natural ramps.

All parts are well-detailed and will work great at smaller or bigger scales. For some scatter terrain options check out this Scatter Terrain Pack

Even though the 2 packs are separated into “bigger” and “smaller” terrain pieces, keep in mind that they are all easily scaled and can be printed as however big or small you need them to be. You can take the biggest cliff and print as small as a rock, or take one of the small scatter pieces and print them as big as a cliff! It is up to YOU to decide how they would look best for your adventures! They all vary in shapes and detail for that exact purpose – no two rocks are the same.